postpartum DOula
Ease your mind. Indulge in support that leaves you feeling confident and prepared with the most up to date resources about your birthing choices.  Having a doula can you help you feel confident and help lower your risks of uneccesary medical intervention.
Packages start at $1000.
Sleep more, worry less, recover better. From hospital to home, I can provide day and night support for your recovery from birth. I can help with sibling and partner adjustment, sleep transitions, infant feeding and household management.
Packages start at $35 per hour.

Placenta Services
Give yourself a boost. Statistics show placenta pills help mothers recover and give a better start."...By nourishing the blood and fluids, endocrine glands and organs, Placenta will …reduce or stop postpartum bleeding, speed up recovery, boost energy and relieve postpartum blues.” Homes, Peter. 1993. Jade Remedies, Snow Lotus Press, 352.
Packages start at $250.
Focus on life. Capture those moments that you may do with your eyes closed. Document this special time with professional quality photos you can treasure for a lifetime. Maternity, birth, and newborn photography available.
Packages start at $250.