A Doula is for:
Have the birth of your dreams! Whether it be your first birth experience or your fifthteenth, all expecting families deserve to have a doula.
  1. C Section / Medicated Births
    C Section / Medicated Births
    A doula provides families with support before, during, and after the birth in many different ways. A doula is there during pregnancy, before labor begins and after baby comes out. Medicated or c section births often need more assistance after babies arrival. There are many different choices families many not be aware of and Doulas can help educate families so they can make clear informed decisions. All births can be a beautiful and amazing experience.
  2. Moms With a Partner
    Moms With a Partner
    According to the Cochrane Medical Journal, the best results occurred when a birthing person had continuous labor support from a doula– someone who was NOT a staff member at the hospital and who was NOT part of their social network. But a Doula does not replace a partner or family (if available) and they can work as a team to help the birthing person have the most memorable and enjoyable experience possible.
  3. Moms with a Midwife
    Moms with a Midwife
    A midwife is a highly skilled medical professional. A Doula is non medical physical and emotional support person. A Doula provides consistent individualized care. A midwife may work in a group of rotating providers so they may not be the one to deliver your baby. A Doula may spend 8+ hours with you before you even go into labor. Midwives are amazing tools but not the same thing as a Doula. Statistically, a combination of midwife, Doula, and supportive birth partner gives the lowest chance of unnecessary medical interventions.
  4. home / birth center births
    home / birth center births
    Doula can assist where ever the birthing person decides to give birth. While medical intervention rates can be lower in home or birth center birth having a doula still decreased a birthing persons risks and increased their pleasure in overall birth experience.
  5. After Baby is Born
    After Baby is Born
    A postpartum Doula helps families transition into their new roles smoothly. Other new parents may talk about the sleepless nights that may come when you are getting to know your little one but why not have the full support and assistance you need so the beginning of your new child's relationship can be a pleasant and smooth experience? A postpartum Doula can provide consistent and gentle parent education for day or night support.
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